Tuesday, February 27, 2007

gimme your stuff! gimme! gimme! gimme!

hello! This blog exist because we want to trade items from gimmeyourstuff we are from baguio city, philippines - the summer capital city of our country. we are willing to swap items:
  • Filipino candies and chocolates specifically baguio's best (lengua de gato, peanut brittle, chocolate flakes, strawberry jam)
  • handwoven bags
  • computer spare parts
  • slippers
  • handmade accessories
  • Filipino clothes
  • drawings and illustrations
  • Filipino cigarettes (La Campana, Magkaibigan, Ms. Philippines)
  • strawberry wine and mushroom wine
We are interested in:
  • chocolates (any kind outside the Philippines)
  • clothes
  • CD's, DVD's
  • Super Sentai, Tokustasu stuff, etc.
  • digital camera & cellphone =D
  • bags and accessories
  • cigarettes
Just comment and leave your e-mail adress or you can contact us directly by mailing us at camillebotts@gmail.com. Thanks!!!